People usually say  'that wasn't as bad as I was expecting' afterwards, and often, 'that was fun!'

I chose to specialise in portraiture because I find people the most interesting subjects.  Faces are fascinating and personalities are all unique, and it's a privilege when someone commissions me to capture - one of the versions- of themselves.  I try and build a rapport with everyone and to find ways to understand them as this makes the process more straightforward.  It is always possible to find common ground or shared interests and have a laugh to put everyone at ease.  

I have photographed people in their own home, garden or office; or in a studio; on boats which have been moored or mid-sail; I have met up with people in crowded streets or in Castles, grave-yards and ruins; in museums, or by railways; I have photographed people from up a tree looking down; half way up a mountain peak; in sacred places, and secret places; underwater, in swimming pools and hammocks.  I have been invited to public functions and private parties; weddings and christenings; home-comings and remembrance services.