Faber & Faber - September 2010

Christopher Reid - Faber & Faber

When I visited Christopher Reid at his London home I made a mental note that the lunch he provided was one of the best I'd ever been given.  For such a well-travelled person as he this was no surprise.  (I also found out later that he has written a book called 'The Song of Lunch').  He was altogether gracious and it struck me that the simple act of sharing your food with someone else, is actually symbolic of the way in which they treat one in general, and inclusive in many ways.

I was naturally delighted, then, when such a kind person as Christopher found such success this year with the  Costa Prize for 'A Scattering'.

I felt privileged at the time of my visit (some year or so before this award), to meet Christopher, and was proud to have taken his portrait for its own sake - rather than in the wake of the tidal waves of press which signalled his very-deserved win.  

Faber and Faber have now acquired my portrait of Christopher for their publicity archive:

Christopher Reid.jpg

For anyone interested in reading more about Christopher's poetry, may I direct you to the finely-analytical work of my old tutor Tim Kendall when he was Editor of Thumbscrew?

Also in an exciting turn of events 'The Song of Lunch' is set to be filmed and released on National Poetry Day 7th October 2010.  More information here.

More press for Christopher Reid involving my picture:

Cheltenham Festival 2010
Ledbury Festival 2010