The New York Times - April 11th 2010

Charles Bernstein - All The Whiskey In Heaven - The New York Times Review April 11th 2010

The first time I met Charles Bernstein we were in London and at the beautiful and private Penn Club in Bloomsbury.  It was a clement day and we got some great shots quite quickly.  I found him a very easy to talk to, humorous and open kind of character, and he was not as perturbed as some of my subjects by the lens. 

Charles Bernstein.jpg

Just as we were about to call it a day and head back to the Club, I spotted some dusty -admittedly rather dirty- corner of a London street with the odd pattern of brickwork which you see in the picture... and the simple regularity of the shapes seemed to fit with Bernstein's interest in puzzling over language, sorting and playing with it.  For want of a better word it clicked. 

When his new book, a collection of works past and present, was to appear, his publishers bought the shot.  I delightedly wish him every success with the book.